flash (or ide) storage for unibus 11?

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Mon Nov 23 14:26:12 CST 2015

On 2015-11-23 21:02, Paul Koning wrote:
>> On Nov 23, 2015, at 2:37 PM, Johnny Billquist <bqt at Update.UU.SE> wrote:
>> ...
>>>>> While, MSCP is interesting in that it's somewhat drive independent, it's
>>>>> complex and it only really works with newer OS's.
>>>> Well, "newer" in this case is sortof anything beyond the mid 80s. :-)
>>> RSTS added MSCP support in V8, so if you want to run V7 you'll want to have a traditional disk emulation.
>> Yeah. And unless I remember wrong, V8 came in 1986?
> No, 1983.  I remembered wrong, though; UDA50 support arrived in RSTS 7.2, in 1982.

Ouch. I remember when I started playing on a PDP-11, it was an 11/70 
running V7.1, and that was in 1982. We upgraded to 7.2 a year later or 
so, and I remember we upgraded to 8.0, and that must have been 85 come 
to think of it. But I guess we were a bit behind on the upgrades...
I remember that the school upgraded to 9.0 as well, but I had 
essentially finished at that school then, which was 86. So 9.0 had to be 
around 86-87?

Lots of bit errors in my memories from then. :-)

Things have changed... We were 4 schools sharing one 11/70, and we had 
one RM03 as the disk. Normal disk quota was 20 blocks, but if you really 
were playing around you could get 100 or 200 blocks of disk quota... 
People wouldn't believe me if I said that today.


> A nice reference for RSTS history is the wonderfully fictional "RSTS 80th anniversary" document.  A copy of it lives here: http://www.silverware.co.uk/rsts_80th_birthday.htm .  I don't remember who wrote that; it came out as part of the 20th anniversary celebration, in 1990.  In other words, the entries for 1990 and before are basically accurate; everything after that is a product of some very nice imagination.

I've read it. Fun read indeed.


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