Open FPGAs? - was Re: Project Oberon and OberonStation (resend)

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Tue Nov 24 15:42:54 CST 2015

>> So far, I haven't found anything that says that the code for the
>> FPGA is open source / documented.
(I assume there's a "not" missing after the "is")

> I think mouse was referring to the toolchain, structure of and
> interface to the FPGA itself, etc. I.e. an open FPGA product.

Yes.  I consider it important for the custom CPU's definition to be
open.  But that's not what I was really interested in; I haven't used
Oberon and don't really expect to start.

What I was really interested in was whether the FPGA itself was open.
If so, I definitely would have wanted to pick up the hardware, because
I would love to experiment with an FPGA - but I am _not_ going to put
up with running a vendor binary blob (which probably won't even run on
my machines) to get an undocumented blob to throw at the hardware.

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