Vaxstation 4000/60 DECwindows

Marco Rauhut marco at
Fri Nov 27 13:42:33 CST 2015

Hello list -

I have a Vaxstation 4000/60 running VMS 7.3.
DW-MOTIF is installed, TAILOR=on, License OK...


             Copyright Compaq Computer Corporation 1988, 2000.

        DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Installation Verification Procedure 

     This IVP is intended to test some of the functionality of 
DECwindows Motif
     for OpenVMS and to provide a quick method of verifying the 

     This machine is not a workstation.  Please provide the nodename of a
     workstation on which to display the IVP tests.  You must be sure 
that this
     account and node have security access to the display node, or the 
IVP will

     To skip the display-oriented tests, press Ctrl/Z at the following 

Why IVP detect the Vaxstation as not a workstation?
Serial Console is off...

Any ideas?

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