Vaxstation 4000/60 DECwindows

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Fri Nov 27 16:03:58 CST 2015

Marco Rauhut wrote:
> Hello list -
> I have a Vaxstation 4000/60 running VMS 7.3.
> DW-MOTIF is installed, TAILOR=on, License OK...
>             Copyright Compaq Computer Corporation 1988, 2000.
>        DECwindows Motif for OpenVMS Installation Verification Procedure 
> (IVP)
>      This IVP is intended to test some of the functionality of 
> DECwindows Motif
>      for OpenVMS and to provide a quick method of verifying the 
> installation.
>      This machine is not a workstation.  Please provide the nodename of a
>      workstation on which to display the IVP tests.  You must be sure 
> that this
>      account and node have security access to the display node, or the 
> IVP will
>      fail.
>      To skip the display-oriented tests, press Ctrl/Z at the following 
> prompt.
> Why IVP detect the Vaxstation as not a workstation?
> Serial Console is off...
> Any ideas?

How are you logging in to the VAXstation?

If you log in using the workstation monitor/keyboard/mouse, the IVP should
detect that you are on a workstation.  Try:


to check.

If you log in via DECnet (SET HOST), via a serial line or via some TCP/IP
packages (telnet/rlogin/rsh/ssh), you may need to do something like:


before you run the IVP so it knows where to display stuff.

Peter Coghlan.

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