Apple II+ repair details

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Mon Nov 30 14:44:35 CST 2015

On 11/30/2015 02:18 PM, Terry Stewart wrote:
> Speaking of Schrodinger's feline, here are details of my recent Apple II+
> repair for those who might be interested:


My II+ needs a new escape keyswitch, keycap and encoder IC, just in case 
anyone reading this ever happens to be parting out a US-spec system (I'm 
guessing that a Europlus or J-plus encoder is very slightly different. Was 
also led to believe that there are a couple of different keycap styles for 
US-spec systems).

The keycap's probably the critical thing - I think there may be other 
sources for the switches (at least there were until a few years ago), and I 
suppose that a PIC-based approach via a small plug-in carrier board would 
be an option for the encoder if needed, although it would be nice to keep 
the machine original if possible.



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