Somewhat OT: Freighting Items

Ali cctalk at
Tue Sep 1 00:23:55 CDT 2015

I know this is a topic that comes up quite often and I have archived a
number of threads. However, I am still not finding what I need. The back
story is that I need to have a desk shipped across the country to me. The
desk measures 28" long, 27" wide, 35" tall and is ~125 pounds unpacked.
While it is possible to disassemble the desk I rather not.

I've gotten quotes form a number of outfits as follows:

1. UPS: $1200 to pack/crate the desk and ship it.
2. Craters and Freighters: $895 to wrap in PE Foam, Styrofoam, bubble wrap,
and box shipped door to door (i.e. not real freight).
3. Freightquote: $475 if I palletize it/pack it myself (have to clarify if
this is door to door or do I have to drop off and pickup). 

Anybody else have other suggestions/recommendations? From what I understand
this desk is not that heavy (in the freighting scheme of things) and would
easily fit on one pallet and maybe even a half pallet. But I've never
shipped something via freight so maybe these are all accurate prices. Any
help/guidance is very much appreciated. 



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