Somewhat OT: Freighting Items

Todd Goodman tsg at
Tue Sep 1 08:13:08 CDT 2015

* Ali <cctalk at> [150901 01:24]:
> I know this is a topic that comes up quite often and I have archived a
> number of threads. However, I am still not finding what I need. The back
> story is that I need to have a desk shipped across the country to me. The
> desk measures 28" long, 27" wide, 35" tall and is ~125 pounds unpacked.
> While it is possible to disassemble the desk I rather not.
> I've gotten quotes form a number of outfits as follows:
> 1. UPS: $1200 to pack/crate the desk and ship it.
> 2. Craters and Freighters: $895 to wrap in PE Foam, Styrofoam, bubble wrap,
> and box shipped door to door (i.e. not real freight).
> 3. Freightquote: $475 if I palletize it/pack it myself (have to clarify if
> this is door to door or do I have to drop off and pickup). 
> Anybody else have other suggestions/recommendations? From what I understand
> this desk is not that heavy (in the freighting scheme of things) and would
> easily fit on one pallet and maybe even a half pallet. But I've never
> shipped something via freight so maybe these are all accurate prices. Any
> help/guidance is very much appreciated. 
> Thanks.
> -Ali

I'm not surprised by those quotes (and Freightquote is in the ballpark
for pallet loads that can't be top-loaded.)

You could try but be very careful you fully specify everything
you want and don't expect anything you don't agree with (like must be
shipped inside or tarped, if you can't load/unload then they need to do
so, etc.)

Freight companies will pick up and drop off from your location but if
it's residential then usually on the street (it's up to you to get it
on and off the truck usually.)  This is because they usually send an

If it's residential then you need to tell them that and you'll pay more
(generally about $75 more in my experience.)  This is so they'll send a
liftgate truck and will call to make a delivery appt.

Otherwise they expect you to have a loading dock or forklift for
loading/unloading and sometimes will just show up at the address for
delivery and then charge more to redeliver.

Even with a liftgate you'll still be responsible for getting it from the
street to wherever it's going.  You can count on the truck having a
pallet jack so they can usually stick it on the end of your driveway if
you've paid for the liftgate.

It sounds worse than it is as long as you're prepared to do that.

Sometimes it's better to pick up/drop off at a depot since they can
generally load it into or off a pickup truck or trailer there and then
you only have to worry about getting it on/off the truck or trailer.


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