Somewhat OT: Freighting Items

Cory Heisterkamp coryheisterkamp at
Tue Sep 1 08:23:01 CDT 2015

What Todd is suggesting sounds a lot like They were an
economical alternative for a while (friends have used them several times)
but in the last 24 months their prices escalated beyond reason. They pick
up the pallet and they drop off the pallet but it's up to you to handle the

I've had two experiences with uship, both positive. One as a seller of a
roundie color TV, and one as a buyer of a 1961 washer/dryer combination
machine. In both cases the transport was by pickup truck cross-country.
With collector car shipping reaching ridiculous prices, guys with duallies
and car trailers are finding an untapped market and their truck beds are
usually empty....  -C

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 8:13 AM, Peter Cetinski <pete at> wrote:

> Have you looked at <>  It’s
> kind of like crowdsourced shipping.  The quality of service can vary but
> shippers are encouraged to offer good service due to a ratings system.  If
> you’re lucky you’ll find a shipper already taking your route for another
> shipment and you can get a good deal.
> > On Sep 1, 2015, at 1:23 AM, Ali <cctalk at> wrote:
> >
> > I know this is a topic that comes up quite often and I have archived a
> > number of threads. However, I am still not finding what I need. The back
> > story is that I need to have a desk shipped across the country to me. The
> > desk measures 28" long, 27" wide, 35" tall and is ~125 pounds unpacked.
> > While it is possible to disassemble the desk I rather not.
> >
> > I've gotten quotes form a number of outfits as follows:
> >
> > 1. UPS: $1200 to pack/crate the desk and ship it.
> > 2. Craters and Freighters: $895 to wrap in PE Foam, Styrofoam, bubble
> wrap,
> > and box shipped door to door (i.e. not real freight).
> > 3. Freightquote: $475 if I palletize it/pack it myself (have to clarify
> if
> > this is door to door or do I have to drop off and pickup).
> >
> > Anybody else have other suggestions/recommendations? From what I
> understand
> > this desk is not that heavy (in the freighting scheme of things) and
> would
> > easily fit on one pallet and maybe even a half pallet. But I've never
> > shipped something via freight so maybe these are all accurate prices. Any
> > help/guidance is very much appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks.
> >
> > -Ali
> >

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