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Tue Sep 1 10:49:54 CDT 2015

* Ali <cctalk at> [150901 11:22]:
> > I'm not surprised by those quotes (and Freightquote is in the ballpark
> > for pallet loads that can't be top-loaded.)
> Okay, good to know I am not getting fleeced. I am actually okay with
> FreightQuote but the problem is the seller is very hesitant to palletize the
> item. If I can get him to get it on a pallet that might be the best. 

Yeah, that's the tough part.  Also if someone has never done it before I
get concerned about how well they do it (will they strap it to the
pallet or just set it on top maybe with some shrink wrap to hold it
down?  Will they put cardboard around it all?  Will they cover the top?

> > You could try but be very careful you fully specify
> > everything you want and don't expect anything you don't agree with
> > (like must be shipped inside or tarped, if you can't load/unload then
> > they need to do so, etc.)
> I've been a bit hesitant going to uship because of the damn AMC show. I
> understand they probably have some of the bigger idiots on the show but the
> things they do is just amazingly idiotic... With them do I need to worry
> about having a dock or delivery to door or is that expected? I would specify
> "no top load, in cab or covered for the total duration of transport,
> strapped so it does not roll/move, and no loading/unloading." Anything else
> that I should worry about?

I've seen the show.  It's a show and what they show is for the show.  I
mean really, would you go with someone with a half star feedback rating
versus five stars to save $5???

I've only gone the uship route a couple times and both times the
companies were professional shipping companies.

In both cases they expected the same kind of deal as the freight
companies I've dealt with.  Tractor-trailer on the street and you get it
on/off yourself of have made arrangements with them beforehand.

I believe it's "top load only" (i.e., only put this on top of other
things or the ground, don't put anything on top of it.)

Inside or tarped.

I can't imagine a shipper not strapping it down adequately as it's a
huge safety issue if not.

When I shipped a forklift the person I selected from uship was willing
to arrange for a rolltop wrecker (to get the forklift off the trailer
and winched to the ground on delivery.)  At the pickup the person I
bought it from had a forklift that they managed to use to get it up on
the trailer.

So just make sure you're clear on everything you need.

When a shipper bids you can ask them questions too and it's in their
best interest to be responsive at that point (since you haven't selected
the shipper yet.)  Although the two companies I've used were very
responsive and communicative after I selected them too.

I can't think of anything else to worry about offhand.  Maybe others
have more things to worry about?  :-)

> > Freight companies will pick up and drop off from your location but if
> > it's residential then usually on the street (it's up to you to get it
> > on and off the truck usually.)  This is because they usually send an
> > 18-wheeler.
> It is not so heavy that we cannot bring it off the truck with myself and the
> driver (assuming they do that). I can then just use a dolly from the street
> or roll it on its built in wheels.

Most drivers I've dealt with have been pretty nice and helpful.  Though
I'm not sure they'd all help lift it off the truck.

> > If it's residential then you need to tell them that and you'll pay more
> > (generally about $75 more in my experience.)  This is so they'll send a
> > liftgate truck and will call to make a delivery appt.
> I can do either (i.e. residential vs. business) but as I said we do not have
> a dock at the business either. Of course there are three or four works
> available at any time to just manually unload it if they will let us.

Residential seems to trigger both the call to schedule the delivery appt
as well as the liftgate but I'm sure if you talk to the shipper about it
they'll tell you which way you have to go for what you need.

They'll likely let you lift it off the back of the truck yourself (at
least when I've received things at a business with no loading dock or
forklift freight company that time let us.)

> Thanks for all the advice Todd.

I hope it all works out OK and let us know how it goes!


> -Ali

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