Data General Projects

Jay West jwest at
Tue Sep 1 19:50:15 CDT 2015

It's time to start on the Data General stuff I've had forever but not yet
restored :) This time much of it has finally made its way into the workshop
so perhaps there will be some progress.


Pictures of the initial set of racks to work on are at , but there's more DG racks with
devices that can be used at both houses.


Trying to decide where to start really, and what pieces to use and what to
trade off (I'm not really familiar with DG stuff, yet).


At the least, I know I don't want/need the large FPS (Floating Point Systems
model 100R) box. Anyone have interest in that part?


If folks have docs that might help but are private, I'd appreciate a little
access or pointers. My initial questions revolve around what boards from the
Nova 4, S/130, and S/200 can be interchanged if desired, I'm still trying to
decide which cpu to keep and which peripherals. Time to read what docs I
have and scrounge up ones that I don't!


I know I got keys with these systems, but don't see them anywhere. The
6021/6023 tape drive uses vacuum columns, that will be fun. The TP1 is an
awfully cool retro printing terminal. The 5821NT terminal has (by a large
margin) the worst screen rot I've ever seen. The 6125 tape drive is in an
odd "desktop" stand like I haven't seen before.


Let the fun commence.







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