Wanted: ROM images from HP 9895, 82901/82902, and other HP-IB disk drives

Eric Smith spacewar at gmail.com
Tue Sep 1 23:38:02 CDT 2015

If anyone has dumped the ROMs from the HP 9895 (8-inch) or 82901/82902
(5 1/4-inch) HP-IB disk drives, which use the Amigo command set, I'd
appreciate copies of the images, ideally along with the HP part
numbers of the EPROMs (probably 09895-xxxxx and 82901-xxxxx).

For that matter, I'd be interested in ROM images from any of HP's
other HP-IB disk drives, floppy, hard disk, or combined.

Also ROM images from the 9114A and 9114B HP-IL disk drives. I already
have one ROM image each from the 9114A and 9114B, but there were
multiple firmware versions.


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