'New' PDP-11 prints

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Wed Sep 2 06:56:47 CDT 2015

A lengthy, and pleasant visit with Paul A, post-VCFMW (BTW, belated congrats
on that, Jason - I don't know where my brain was last night - fried from the
long drive yesterday, probably), has produced a number of missing PDP-11

Most importantly, we now have the 11/73 prints, which I will be scanning Real
Soon Now. (So now I can have a crack at fixing all the broken ones I have! :-)
That does leave us needing the 11/83/84 CPU prints, so if anyone has a set...

I also found prints for the MF11-U, MF11-W, and MM11-Y; none of which appear
to be on-line (although the MF11-U ones might be in the 11/05S print set,
which ISTR is online). So I'll have a lot of scanning to do when I get home.
The reason for this message is to ask if anyone has a special need for any in
particular; if so, I will move those to the head of the list for scanning.

I don't think the ME11-L prints are online either, but those I have in my
11/05 print set - I'll have to see if that print set is online somewhere, no
point re-scanning them, if so.

There are a number of things like that (e.g. the H786 power supply for the
BA11-N; not available separately, but in the 11/23 FMPS, if you know to look
there): we ought to produce some sort of registry, to collect such information
in one place.


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