Serial Disk Server to PDP-8/A

Charles charlesmorris800 at
Wed Sep 2 15:37:05 CDT 2015

I just installed Kyle Owen's Serial Disk Server on my 8/A (at high speed via 
an Omni-USB card I got from Philipp Hachtmann).
There was a bit of a learning curve for me since I've never used any *nix 
programs before, or heard of Cygwin...

But Kyle was very helpful, exchanging several emails this afternoon and it 
only took me a couple of hours to get everything figured out, up and 
It even comes with the indispensable diagpack2.rk05 OS/8 image already 
embedded in the .zip file, and it's now running on the real hardware.
Haven't tried uploading anything yet but I'm sure that will work too!

NOW maybe I can get my RL02 controller card (and the rest of the hardware, 
the power supply has started glitching again) debugged.
Many thanks to Kyle for creating this very useful software :)


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