Jay West jwest at
Wed Sep 2 23:19:52 CDT 2015

Jason wrote....
Indeed, my basket-case HP1000E was, if not fixed, assessed and put on its way to good health by a pro HP fixer-upper.  And at a free event!
You can't ask for much more value than that.
Yeah, that 2109 was pretty much a mess. It definitely took some severe hits over time.  I did not expect to completely strip a 21MX on the table there, but what the heck :) Initially it wasn't even passing the microcode "post" test. At the end, it passed every diagnostic in the diagnostic library including DMS & FFP microcode. I used my loopback connector to test your microcircuit board, also tested most of your I/O cards and all memory (one of your 64K standard speed boards was dead).

If there were serious problems like I initially expected, it would probably not be worth a lot of time to fix the mechanical problems. However, given that it definitely runs fine now - I'd suggest taking the time to do so.

Two most important items:
1) Do not run it for more than a few minutes at a time until you scrape the foam from the inside top cover of the power supply, goo-gone to get the tape up, and replace the foam.
2) Find two flat head bolts to attach the rear of the power supply to the frame. Do that quickly, or you'll have more structural problems.

Other items:
The structural frame is missing a few rivets. This puts stress on other components that shouldn't be stressed ;)
Find two backplane connectors, and replace the two on the power distribution board. Until this is done, breathing on the machine could cause a failure. I think there is one on ebay right now. If not, I may well have a spare or two.


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