Wanted: ROM images from HP 9895, 82901/82902, and other HP-IB disk drives

Mike Stein mhs.stein at gmail.com
Thu Sep 3 00:00:22 CDT 2015

Looks like my ROMs are the first ones in your 
list, 80 A7 in the first two bytes (drives are 

I'll send you the image anyway, just in case.


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> On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 8:00 AM, Mike Stein
> <mhs.stein at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The ROMs in my 9114s are 09114-15514 REV R.
>> Need an image? What type/size are they?
> There 27128 (16KB).
> There are at least five known ROM images for the
> 9114A/B, and I have
> images of two of them.  I'm not sure whether
> 09114-15514 Rev R matches
> one that I already have.  If you don't mind
> dumping it, that will be
> appreciated.  After I've collected a few of
> these, I'll put them up on
> a web page and post the URL to the list, in case
> anyone else needs
> them.
> John R. Baker established a precedent for using
> the contents of the
> first two bytes to identify the 9114 firmware
> revision; I don't know
> with certainty that that actually uniquely
> identifies all revisions.
> John wrote an HP-71B program to read the first
> two bytes over HP-IL.
> It should be possible to read the entire
> contents over HP-IL, but I've
> found it easy to pull the EPROM and read it with
> an EPROM programmer.
> John identified five firmware versions:
> 09114-15514A  first two bytes 80 a7  - from
> 9114A
> 09114-15514B  first two bytes ad fc   - probably
> from 9114A
> 09114-15515    first two bytes d8 b1   - not
> sure which model
> 09114-15516    first two bytes da dc   - not
> sure which model
> 09114-15521    first two bytes 10 8d   - from
> 9114B
> I have images whose first two bytes match
> the -15514A and -15521,
> courtesy of another list member, though I don't
> know the exact HP P/Ns
> that were on the labels. The -15514 image I have
> has the first two
> bytes 80 a7, matching the -15514A in John's
> list, and has a checksum
> (sum of all the bytes, modulo 64K) of 81ce.
>  The -15521 image I have
> matches the one in John's list, and has a
> checksum of 112a.
> Some years ago I did a fair bit of study of a
> disassembly of a 9114A
> ROM image, but unfortunately seem to have
> misplaced the results. I'm
> not sure whether I'll do it again.  IIRC it had
> a few more DDT and DDL
> commands than were defined in the Filbert
> (82161A tape drive) command
> set, and it also had an entirely different
> command set which I later
> found out was SS/80, for use by the HP 110
> Portable and Portable Plus.

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