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John Robertson jrr at
Thu Sep 3 09:15:27 CDT 2015

On 09/03/2015 4:56 AM, Vlad Stamate wrote:
> While I was trying to read the ROM in my 9121 for Eric Smith I found
> out that my Wellon VP-280 could not do it (it could not recognize it
> and only read FF FF FF FF). I could use it however to dump the ROM of
> an IBM PS2 that I cannot boot anymore (so it is not entirely useless).
> So I am asking what you all use to dump various ROMs from vintage
> PCs/peripherals/etc? Is there a good brand out there of E(E)PROM
> programmer? Do you roll your own solution with an
> Arduino/RaspeberryPi?
> Thanks,
> Vlad.
Some of the early ROMs had extra voltages and unusual select logic and 
for those you either need to make an adapter or get an ancient Eprom 
programmer to be able to read them.

I use Data I/O 29B with a Unipak for most of my old timers, but have a 
Pro-Log unit for the 1702s as well as an Andromeda programmer/reader. 
The Andromeda is pretty flexible in what it will read - it also reads 
1702s - but for burning I use the 29B or the Pro-Log for the earliest chips.

What is the part number of the device you are trying to read? Vlad, are 
you by any chance close to Vancouver BC and thus able to drop by my shop 
where we could read your device and provide you with the file?

John :-#)#

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