Reading ROMs

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Thu Sep 3 21:07:01 CDT 2015

I was going to ask a similar question here, and I am sure it has been asked
before.  I do have a HP 82901 and a HP 9121 but I am not equipped to read
ROMs, so I can't really help yet. Plus I will soon need the ability to burn
ROMs for my HP 85 and HP 1000. Not only the standard 24 pin ROMs but the
small 14 or 16 pin bootloader ROMs that Jay showed me at VCF. What would be
a good ROM programmer that could read and write these  of older HP equipment

From: Vlad Stamate <vlad.stamate at>
Subject: Reading ROMs

While I was trying to read the ROM in my 9121 for Eric Smith I found
out that my Wellon VP-280 could not do it (it could not recognize it
and only read FF FF FF FF). I could use it however to dump the ROM of
an IBM PS2 that I cannot boot anymore (so it is not entirely useless).

So I am asking what you all use to dump various ROMs from vintage
PCs/peripherals/etc? Is there a good brand out there of E(E)PROM
programmer? Do you roll your own solution with an


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