For sale: Random S-100 stuff (Seattle, WA)

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Thu Sep 3 23:06:01 CDT 2015

I'm doing a bit of cleaning out of random things I don't use much 
anymore; hopefully these can find a good home.

Make an offer on these, I'd prefer local pickup (for the VDP-80 I 
require it, it's just too large/heavy/fragile to trust with shipping) 
near Seattle.


Here's what I have, S-100 wise:

Boards (in as-is condition, unless otherwise noted):
- Tarbell 1011D FDC
- Solid State Music VB1B video interface
- SSM CB1A 8080 CPU (+2k RAM).  Working, used to use it in my IMSAI .
- Processor Technology 16KRA, 16K static RAM.
- CompuPro (Godbout) RAM16 - 64K dynamic RAM (despite the name)
- IMSAI MIO (rev. 2) - Serial/Parallel I/O board
- IMSAI VIO (rev 2.1) - Video board
- PSS RAM65 - 64K ram?  (never could find a manual).
- Piiceon 8K Program Saver (2708 EPROMs).  Only two EPROM sockets (of 8) 
- Ithaca Audio 8K static RAM board.  Bad shape.  Missing a row of chips, 
looks to be an unfinished kit.  Corrosion.

No-name (TEI generic chassis, about half as deep as an IMSAI, no 
blinkenlights) with the following boards:
     Thinker Toys SUPERRAM 16 - 16K static RAM.  A bit of corrosion on a 
few chips, but should be easy to clean up
     Thinker Toys 32K static RAM.  Also has some corrosion.
     The Memory Merchant MM16K14 - 16 K Ram.  Corrosion as with the others.
     IMSAI SIO Rev-3.  Dual serial board.  Corrosion.
     Northstar ZPB-A2 Z-80 CPU board.  Corrosion .

It looks as if this system sat on end in a shallow pool (say, 2") of 
water for a couple of days and wasn't properly dried up afterwards;
all boards installed have corrosion on their left sides, affecting a 
couple of rows of chips.  The backplane also seems to be a bit corroded 
but is not as bad. Despite this, the chassis is very clean.  Power 
supply seems to be fine.  Definitely a project, but probably fixable 
with some new sockets and ICs.

Complete IMSAI VDP-80 system 
( with 
manuals and software.  Unknown working condition, but it's not in bad 
shape given the years -- some screen rot.  I got it as a project and 
it's just been sitting there, waiting.  Debating whether to hold onto it 
or not -- make me an offer I can't refuse :).

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