Dec 8235 IC?

Stephen Lafferty steve at
Thu Sep 3 14:31:26 CDT 2015

Hi Simon,

As others have implied, the DEC8235 is a Signetics 8235N. It's available 
from obsolete part distributors. A quick search turns up this source:

While the RFQ instead of a price is bad news in some places, I've had 
good results with that in the obsolete parts arena.
> is there a list of equivalents for DEC ic's?
--- Thought I had a longer list somewhere but this short list is what I 
find at the moment:

DEC#           Generic
97401         7401
8881           7439*  Quad 2-inp NAND OC
8266           8266 Signetics 2-inp 4-bit wide mux
8270           8270 Signetics may = TI 74178 according to posts in cctech.
8271           8271 Signetics 4-bit SR in 16p pkg  = TI 74179
8251           N8251N Signetics BCD/decimal decoder in 16p pkg
5380           SP380 Signetics
5314A        SP314A Signetics
8640           DS8640 National
380            (?) SP384A Signetics Quad 2-in OR gate
*Note that some DEC8881s have been reported as having 7439 markings on 
the bottom.

Steve Lafferty

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