OmniUSB - further boards to make

Sean Caron scaron at
Thu Sep 3 14:36:40 CDT 2015

My dad shops out prototype PCB manufacturing to a firm called Omnitrace ( He sends them layouts and they send back bare boards
which he stuffs in the lab ... He says the price is the best he's found,
there's no minimum run size (not sure on the plated edge connectors,
though) and the turnaround is very quick. He had samples of I think an
8-layer board they had done for him recently that he showed me last time we
visited and they were very nicely done. I haven't gotten to the point of
doing layout yet ... all my projects are still on the bread board ... but
when I do eventually run off some boards, I expect to use those guys.



On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 2:45 PM, Eric Smith <spacewar at> wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 3, 2015 at 10:24 AM, Philipp Hachtmann <hachti at>
> wrote:
> > As my board supplier has doubled (It was so cheap before..!) the price
> for
> > gold plated contact PCBs,
> If you don't mind sharing, which supplier is it?  Is the connector
> plating hard gold over nickel? How many microns (or micro-inches) of
> each?
> Many of the PCB fab companies I've queried either won't do hard gold
> at all, or not for short runs, or charge a fortune.
> I intent to make some short-run boards for the Apple II and Intel
> Multibus in the not too distant future, and while a non-gold edge
> connector is OK for one or two prototypes, it's not satisfactory for
> general use.

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