OmniUSB - further boards to make

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Fri Sep 4 07:34:23 CDT 2015

> On Sep 3, 2015, at 3:36 PM, Sean Caron <scaron at> wrote:
> My dad shops out prototype PCB manufacturing to a firm called Omnitrace (
> He sends them layouts and they send back bare boards
> which he stuffs in the lab ... He says the price is the best he's found,
> there's no minimum run size (not sure on the plated edge connectors,
> though) and the turnaround is very quick. He had samples of I think an
> 8-layer board they had done for him recently that he showed me last time we
> visited and they were very nicely done. I haven't gotten to the point of
> doing layout yet ... all my projects are still on the bread board ... but
> when I do eventually run off some boards, I expect to use those guys.

I had similar experience with a different outfit, pcb-pool (  They are based in Europe; my most recent shipment from there came from Ireland, though headquarters may be in Germany.  They do quantity one, but of course discounts for modestly larger runs.  Multi layer; I've done 2 and 4 layers.  One convenience is that they accept Eagle CAD layout files directly, they don't need them converted to Gerber format.

They also include (if requested) an SMD solder paste stencil.  I foolishly didn't do that last time, should have.  Will next time.  There are some good articles around (I just pointed to one a few days ago) about how to do SMD assembly with solder paste and stencils using home equipment.


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