Problem with RF73 DSSI disk

Holm Tiffe holm at
Fri Sep 4 13:57:19 CDT 2015

Glen Slick wrote:

> I just acquired a KA640 VAX in a BA215 (thanks Josh) which has one
> working RF30 and one dead RF30 with failure code 300B(X). I don't have
> copies of any manuals which list the error codes. I just figure at
> this point that the drive is dead and there is nothing that can be
> done to try to fix it.

Ive "fixed" a dead RF31, but the error was A00something.
Is thedisk spinning up? Is the head assembly "ratteling" after the spin
> The working 150MB RF30 is too small for a useful VMS system although
> it would be a decent size if I set up the system as a PDP-11 with an
> M7554-PB KDJ11-SB CPU instead of the VAX KA640.

Hmm... does the KDJ11-SB support DSSI disks? Don't know...
> For VMS use I would either set up this system with a CMD Q-Bus SCSI
> controller, or use an HSD10 in a BA350 to connect SCSI disks to the
> DSSI controller.

Don't have an HSD10 and it seems that none is available to a fair price in

> Starting DUP server...
> Copyright © 1988  Digital Equipment Corporation
> DRVEXR V1.1  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
> DRVTST V1.1  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
> HISTRY V1.0  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
> ERASE  V1.3  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
> PARAMS V1.2  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
> DIRECT V1.0  D  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
> End of directory
> Task Name? PARAMS
> Copyright © 1988  Digital Equipment Corporation
> Configuration:
>   Node R3Q0UA is an RF30 controller
>   Software RFX V103 built on  5-MAY-1989 13:18:42
>   Electronics module name is ZG95105350
>   Unit is inoperative, error code 300B(X)
>   Last known unit failure code 300B(X)
>   In 100000 power-on hours, power has cycled 216 times
>   System time is  5-MAY-1989 13:21:44

Exactly 100000 hours?

My RF73 has the error 3304(X) where really interesting what this


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