Keys resurfaces

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Fri Sep 4 16:04:54 CDT 2015

On Fri, 4 Sep 2015, jwsmobile wrote:
> On 9/4/2015 12:54 PM, Tothwolf wrote:
>> On Fri, 4 Sep 2015, William Donzelli wrote:
>>>> It seems to happen all the time with collectables (I must admit I 
>>>> have a loft room full, and I don't have anywhere to exhibit) but to 
>>>> me this needs PEOPLE and then a PLAN and lastly a Kick Starter 
>>>> project to get it exhibitable, if indeed any of it is exhibit able. I 
>>>> can't see any responses in a.f.c but if any one can let me know what 
>>>> the money is needed for and how its going to be spent then I could 
>>>> start considering donating...
>>> Consider, however, that Keys and the Houston Computer Museum has been 
>>> sort of a black hole for the past 15 years. I do not know if anyone 
>>> has really seen any sort of exhibit.
>>> If a museum did not materialize when he was 55 or 60, they probably 
>>> are not going to materialize at 70 or 75.
>>> And if the Houston Computer Museum is a proper museum, there will be a 
>>> clause in the bylaws guiding the disposition of the artifacts to other 
>>> 501c3 entities.
>> Keys had a table at VCF SW 3.0 but I'm not sure if that really counts 
>> as an exhibit.
> He got a big collection of SDS systems which I helped store the tape 
> drives and printers for.  Al was supposed to get the media, but it never 
> got to me to get to Al and back.

Anyone happen to notice this?

Acquisition Policy for the Houston Computer Museum


"The item should be of museum quality (exceptions will be made for certain 
items). Primary consideration will be given to the museum's ability to 
provide proper care and storage for any artifact or works of art. No item 
should be considered for acquisition if its physical condition exceeds the 
museum's financial ability to provide for its care and preservation."

"The museum must be able to provide proper storage for any acquisition 
under consideration."


"The museum acknowledges its responsibility to ascertain that items 
offered, whether by purchase, exchange, gift, or bequest, are not stolen, 
wrongfully converted, or acquired under false pretences. All such items 
will be declined."

"If the museum should discover that it has inadvertently acquired an item 
that is proven to have been obtained in violation of the above statement, 
the museum shall seek to return the item to its legal owner or shall seek 
to determine, through outside recognized and competent authorities, the 
proper means of disposition."


With the storage situation, does this mean he is in violation of his 
501(c)(3) requirements?

What does this mean for that vanload of gear Keys took out from under me 
via false pretenses?

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