Selling brazilian vintage computer gear

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Fri Sep 4 16:26:07 CDT 2015

Dear sirs...

Ok, life does nasty things to us, and seems it is my time. Due to personal
and health problems, I'll have to sell some of my collection. As bad as it
is, I can't really afford keeping much of my stuff. I'll save just the nice
gifts I got from friends and my beloved //e "Woz edition".

So, there are some computers that may be of interest to you

- Milmar Laser IIc apple clone - Clone of the Apple //c, but it isn't a //e
- it is a ][c in a case of a //c. Has power supply, original manual and
external slot expansion. $800 o.b.o.

- Prologica Sistema 600 - Clone of the Intertec SuperBrain
- Prologica CP500 - Clone of the TRS-80 model III
- Prologica CP400 (boxed) - Clone of TRS-Color model 1, in the box of a
Timex Sinclair 2068(!)
- Prologica CP300 - Clone of TRS-80 model III, but way portable
- Prologica CP200 - Clone of Sinclair ZX-81
- Microdigital TK95 (boxed) - Clone of Sinclair ZX-Spectrum, but in a
Commodore Plus/4 box (!)

I'll have more interesting things, as soon as I have more time to dig the

Shipping from Sao Paulo, Brazil.


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