no, not retrobrite

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Decided to start with the terminals first. I cleaned up and tested the DG
Dasher D200, and it come out fairly good and all tests indicate it's working
fine. No pictures of that.

The Dasher TP1 is much more of a hard-luck case, and I just finished
cleaning the top of the top chassis. I did not clean the bottom chassis or
stand or insides yet, so you can see a good comparison of the cleaned top
half and the untouched bottom half. 7 pictures (unfortunately newest to
oldest) are at

No, there's no retrobrite involved. Just a normal spray on household
cleaner, followed by Magic Eraser and a lot of elbow grease. Yep, Magic
Eraser is a wonderful thing.


Thanks for posting these pictures Jay. It gives me "momentum" to get
started on working on my NOVA3. I still am not 100% sure what I have
picked up several years ago, but it is a NOVA3, a unit with one 8"
floppy drive and a disk drive which has one (?) fixed platter and one
removable cartridge on top.
I have two Dasher terminals (like 14th picture), the same printer but
without the keyboard option) and on a desk that tension-arm cute
little tape drive (8th picture). I *think* I have the interface card
for it. In the 6ft tall DG rack is also a separate approx 5" high box
with a power supply. One card is installed in it, I believe it is for
additional comm lines.

At the moment my knowledge of DG is close to 0 ... Need to learn a
lot. I am sorry to say it, but HP and DEC did a better job when it
comes to connecting options to the CPU box. At least, that is my
impression. most of the cables are *soldered*, not plugged.
That makes it hard to put the little tape drive in the rack, where
it certainly would be stored safer (how to connect is for later).
To install the tape drive, the comms unit has to move. But the cables
to it are not via connectors :-(

Love to read more about DG!
- Henk

BTW, the house looks great too :-) 

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