PDP-8 diagnostics SR settings?

Charles charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net
Sat Sep 5 10:06:57 CDT 2015

Does anyone know what the switch register settings are for the PDP-8 disk 
diagnostics (found on diagpack2.rk05 and others)?
In particular, the AJRL** series (RL01/02 drive exercisers). Normally the SR 
is set to 0000 but when there's an error the program stops until a CR is 

I want the diagnostic to just print out that error and keep running. Trial 
and error might take a long time.
Without the source code there's no other good way except possibly to 
single-step through the program and look for the OSR command (which may also 
take a very long time).
thanks for any help.

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