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js at js at
Sat Sep 5 10:46:33 CDT 2015

> On Fri, 4 Sep 2015, js at wrote:
>> culture re what is offensive.   His 
>> remarks did not bother me because 
>> they were "typically German."   Maybe 
>> me saying that will offend Holm... 
>> lol...
> On 9/5/2015 5:40 AM, Christian Corti 
> wrote:
> Hey, they weren't "typically 
> German"... we don't want to make 
> generalizations, do we?

> [Johnny B wrote:]
> I agree. And I'm Swedish myself, but 
> living in Switzerland. And traveling a 
> fair amount. I prefer to not make 
> generalizations based on ethnicity or 
> background. If people freely and 
> voluntary spend their time 
> helping, I also try not to be sarcastic. 
> Christian

    I knew right after I sent it that 
the Politically Correct police would 
soon show up on that remark of mine.. ;-)

   What I meant to say, is that the 
*manner* in which he spoke -- and not 
the exact words themselves -- in my very 
limited but still partial experience of 
the wonderful German people (I'm not 
being sarcastic), and having attended a 
German school from grades 4-8, that the 
manner of speaking was *typical* of 
German culture -- in this case, meaning 
a bit blunt, a bit sarcastic, and a bit 

    Like it or not, different countries 
have differing styles re communication.  
If you've ever at least been to France 
or Belgium and spoken with enough people 
to form an impression, you can't deny 
this reality.   I'm not passing a 
judgement here.. it's neither good nor 
bad.. it just is what it is.. and I 
think it quite lovely.

    Like it or not, I stand by this 
opinion.  :-)

- John.

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