Problem with RF73 DSSI disk

js at js at
Sat Sep 5 11:13:25 CDT 2015

On 9/5/2015 8:02 AM, Mouse wrote:
>> I think it where much more helpful to answer things like "Sorry don't
>> know, never had todo with that", vs.  simply saying nothing at all,
>> leaving the man that looks for help alone.
> As a bystander, I would much rather see silence than some forty or
> fifty "sorry, don't know anything about that" responses flooding the
> list after every request for help.

I couldn't agree more, Mouse!  lol.

Holm, dude!   I'm not speaking for 
others, of course, but it is bothersome 
*to me* when someone posts to this list 
(or any other helpful list) with an air 
of entitlement and expectation that 
people are going to *immediately* 
provide *insane amounts* of spot-on 
support for whatever their problem is 
(no matter how esoteric), or even 
respond at all.      All responses are 
voluntary -- and we should all be 
gracious and thankful for *anything we 
get*.. and certainly not disparage the 
list if we get nothing.

Nothing is OWED to ANYONE.

Yet, in this regard, there are worse 
transgressions than Holm's faux pas.   
Some people seem to believe that these 
lists are staffed with paid technicians; 
they exert almost no effort in 
describing their system or situation or 
question ("How do I boot my S-100 
system?"), yet they seem to expect pages 
written back; and even more remarkably, 
some even give little to no thanks when 
it's all done.

It's a testament to the enormous 
generosity and kindness of many on this 
list and others, that people such as 
what I just described are uncritically 
catered to.

- John

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