'New' PDP-11 prints

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Sat Sep 5 12:10:14 CDT 2015

    > we now have the 11/73 prints, which I will be scanning Real Soon Now.

OK, done:


Can the appropriate people please download this to all the right places
(e.g. repositories)?

Don't be misled by the svelte 1.5MB size; they were scanned at 600dpi, and
there is a _ton_ of resolution in there (you can go way past the '100%'
setting on Adobe Reader without getting pixellation).

The originals were in really rough shape (torn, written on, etc), but I think
the results are fully legible. I looked quickly, and found a couple of issues,
where there was writing which obscured things on the scans, and fixed the
images manually to show what's on the original prints. However, I didn't have
the energy to look at every detail of every page, so if something comes up
un-readable, let me know, and I'll issue a fixed set.

(There are some places which aren't legible, e.g. lower right pins of E9 on
K3, but the original prints aren't legible there either, so there's nothing I
can do about that; it's possible to work out what the pin numbers are,

And a _HUGE_ 'Thank You' to Paul Anderson for lending me the print set so I
could scan them for everyone!

    > That does leave us needing the 11/83/84 CPU prints, so if anyone has a
    > set...

Can I repeat my appeal for these? They are for the KDJ11-B (M8190). With this
board being so recent, surely someone must have a set? I'd be happy to do the
work of scanning them, if someone has originals but isn't up to the scanning


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