Interlisp-D (Medley) "display font" disks for the 1186?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Sun Sep 6 01:10:34 CDT 2015

Hi all --

I've been working on getting a Xerox 1186 workstation up and running 
again, using the floppy images on Bitsavers.  I have the "Medley" 
Interlisp-D software installed (after writing out and installing from 
~25 floppies) and running and I'm attempting to load in the related 
libraries and software (another 10-20 floppies or so).  Some of these 
libraries have dependencies on various font files, which I do not seem 
to have and haven't been able to track down.  I see vague references in 
the documentation to a floppy disk set labeled "Display Fonts" but these 
do not appear to be on Bitsavers.

 From writing out a few floppies and looking at their contents on the 
1186, I do not believe that these have any relationship to the Viewpoint 
Font disks (though if anyone knows differently, do let me know).

Anyone out there have any experience with this?  Anyone happen to have 
these floppies and/or images of them?

Thanks as always,

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