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On 9/5/2015 10:40 AM, william degnan wrote:

> Ok.  I checked my tu10, it has the backplane, it is a master.  I see where
> it connects using the backplane cable to the pdp11.  I never worked with a
> TU10 before and I was looking to see if references to the tm11 were
> "module/card" or backplane interface.  I surprisingly found little
> commentary or threads about the TU10 / TM11,  other than DEC docs.  I 
> guess
> these are not super common or people who have them have not often reached
> out to the classic cmp community, that I could find in a search.
> Bill Degnan
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> On Sep 5, 2015 3:37 AM, "Eric Smith" <spacewar at gmail.com> wrote:

Just to be clear, a TU10, even a master, does NOT connect directly to a
PDP-11.  Instead, a cable of the same general ilk as a BC11 UNIBUS Cable
(but I have not verified it is in fact the same kind of cable) connects
the drive to the TM11 controller.

The TM11 connects to the PDP-11 UNIBUS.

The TU10 master drive backplane has some "G" cards in it.  The TM11,
mounted separately, does NOT have any "G" cards in it.



Yes, the TS03 also comes in two versions, master and slave. Underneath
the first drive is a quad module (M8920 IIRC) mounted, and that makes
the TS03 a master. One slave TS03 can be connected to the master.
The quad module connects to the TMB11 controller using a BC11 cable.
The BC11 is commonly for UNIBUS interconnection, but it is used for
several other purposes. TS03 to conttroller is one, RK05 is another
well-known example. TU10 is added to that list ;-)

I have one TU10, so I would be happy to find a TM11 ...

- Henk

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