Schematics KDJ11-A / M8192?

Holm Tiffe holm at
Sun Sep 6 05:18:21 CDT 2015

Noel Chiappa wrote:

>     > From: Holm Tiffe
>     >> Not reading the list much, are we? :-)
>     > Huh? Have I missed something in the near past?
> That would be the implication, yes... :-)
> But yes, you're in luck. I'm scanning them as we speak.
> 	Noel

Sorry, I couldn't find a mailing about Schematics for the KDJ11-AA,
I've read that you got some documentation and want to scan it,
600dpi with some TIFF compression or so.. that's all.

Ok, I'm looking forward to possibly look at the schematics
at some time in the future, but I'm going now in my garage in he
backyard and try to find the fault.
Yes, got the KDJ11-AA and a memory board from that "cheap guy".
No, I'm not reading every singe mailing from that list.


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