Schematics KDJ11-A / M8192?

Holm Tiffe holm at
Sun Sep 6 10:53:34 CDT 2015

Noel Chiappa wrote:

>     > From: Holm Tiffe
>     > Sorry, I couldn't find a mailing about Schematics for the KDJ11-AA,
>     > I've read that you got some documentation and want to scan it, 600dpi
>     > with some TIFF compression or so.. that's all.
> Well, now I'm really confused, because AFAIK the message that talked about
> the 600dpi and TIFF is the same one that thas the URL for the FMPS. So I
> don't understand how you don't have them. Oh well.
>     > No, I'm not reading every singe mailing from that list. clue, maybe I had tomatoes on the eyes (german saying).
Anyway, thanks for the schematics, I have the board running again. The fix
was simple, the xtal was bad.
The was happily tickering around with an 18Mhz Xtal (found this one first in
the box) but I now have soldered in a 15.45 Mhz, no 15.206 handy..

Next to try this motorola memory board..
> I don't either - there's often too much. But I do read everything that looks
> like it could be DEC-related, and most of the other stuff too (it's kind of
> fun to read about the really old machines, etc).
> 	Noel

...that's somthing like that what I wrote as pm to tony today.
Love that restoration reports with pictures and so on.. but
such machines simply doesn't exist here. Here, that is the former east
germany (from behind the iron curtain) and the machines here where either
robotron (east german), russian, tzschech or hungarian. The bigger mostly
PDP11 compatibles (clones are other things!) or IBM compatible (ESER
Mainfraimes). There where old KRS4x00 Series that has a Honeywell
compatible Instruction set with Core Mem.

I think I posted the link in the past, but that is the CPU of an russian
11/03 or 11/23 w/o MMU, an Elektronika 60 with an RX02 alike that I have:

4KW purple russian 2107 on the left..

That's how the terminal looks:

The complete machine:
other casing:
(that bluish box has nothing todo with the computer)

..but I only have the Card Cage, the Floppy and the Terminal here.
Have the Tape too, but must made a cable first.


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