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I have uploaded more photos of my TU10M (it's a master with the TM
backplane installed).  I also updated the design of the file listing pages
on my site to make it easier for people to find things.  One of the images
shows it has the RSX-11M tape loaded.

I have been cleaning the cables, having fun on a sunny afternoon.


Nice job!
I saw the filthy cables. Lots of greasy crumbled foam and dust.
Takes some time to get them cleaned, but the cleaned ones
look like new. The parts in the rack have lots of dust and
what is worrying me more, corrosion. Also on IC pins ...
It will be a long journey to get this tape drive working, but it
will be a very rewarding one.

I have to go to my "museum" to have a look what I have in
the rack with the TU10 ... I cannot remember either backplane
with FlipChip modules :-(

- Henk

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