MITS Altair 8800b switches needed

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Sun Sep 6 15:21:54 CDT 2015

Since Erik brought it up..

I could also use a couple switches, but in my case they are for an 8800A
model. (Well, it's sort-of a 'B' now as it was upgraded to the 'B' power
supply, but it still has the original 'A' type D/C board).

Like the 'B' it uses mostly Mom-Off-Mom mini-toggles, with panel mount
bushing, and the long solder terminals that solder directly to the PCB (not
the small eyelet type). But the handles are the standard mini-toggle bat
handle - not the flatted paddles Erik describes.

Any leads, feel free to mail me off-list. Thanks!


On Sun, Sep 6, 2015 at 1:13 PM, Erik Klein <classiccmp at>

> I am desperately seeking NOS, working pulls or accurate replacement
> switches for my MITS 8800b.
> These are flattened paddle switches, both ON-OFF and MOM-Off-MOM type.
> SPDT, Panel mount, solder post with a 15mm actuator.  This last part is the
> pain as everything I've found is 10mm or less.
> I've checked every online source that I know of plus all of the local
> electronics and surplus shops with no luck.
> I'm sure someone here has a stash or knows someone who does.  I need at
> least one of each type but would prefer a few more as I do have a few
> marginal switches to replace if I can.
> I'd even buy a complete 8800b D/C board if that's what it took.
> Please email me at my webmaster@ "vintage-computer.c0m" address if you can
> help.
> Thank you!
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> Erik Klein
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