Problem with RF73 DSSI disk

Dave Woyciesjes woyciesjes at
Sun Sep 6 20:21:48 CDT 2015

     How about all of you shut the hell up, drop this, and talk 
computers, okay?

On 09/05/2015 06:10 AM, Johnny Billquist wrote:
> Holm. You may call it whatever you want.
> I found your comments insulting. And following your advice I'll not 
> ignore you. Have fun.
>     Johnny
> On 2015-09-05 09:00, Holm Tiffe wrote:
>> Johnny Billquist wrote:
>> [..]
>>>> He Johnny, clam down.
>>>> There was _NO_ Answer at all.
>>> Yes. And what is your problem with that? Noone answered, so live 
>>> with it.
>>>> Did you mean that it is better for me that people that doesn't
>>>> answer me additionaly can't read my messages?
>>>> Does this make any difference?
>>> What the hell? There is no indication that people can't read your
>>> messages. You have gotten plenty of answers in the past. In addition,
>>> you can yourself also see that your messages reached the list.
>>> If you do not get an answer, it is because people either do not have an
>>> answer, or else do not want to answer.
>>> Trying to offend them by being sarcastic will most likely not get you
>>> any more answers. However, it do show, to others reading, that you are
>>> pretty much expecting and demanding that people respond to your posts.
>>> Which is a rather child-like behavior. We are not here to satisfy your
>>> needs.
>> Johnny, If you think we should fight over the same thing every time,
>> please continue. This is exactly the same topic as in the port-vax list
>> 2 or 3 years before. Otherwise (using your words): live with it.
>>>> Im 52 years old (as you know) and already had my first heart attac 
>>>> last
>>>> year so don't tell me that I sould behave more adult.
>>>> Possibly I don't have so much time left that I can wait any time.
>>> Who knows how much time they have left. Does that make it ok to offend
>>> anyone else who is not responding to your every demand?
>>> I think not. You are free to disagree, but in that case I will
>>> definitely ignore you.
>> What I have done?
>> I was sarcastic, that was all.
>> There where no insulting words in my mail.
>> What I have reached with that?
>> Besides of your opinion about my childishness, there where other answers
>> that where at least interresting. (Thanks to Dave and Richard at this 
>> point,
>> I've subscribed comp.os.vms in the meantime but think I meet the same
>> people there)
>>>> Let me live the rest of my time like a child playing with old 
>>>> computers,
>>>> that's exactly why we are here; nothing else matters.
>>>> I know that people trying to help, trust me, I'm doing that in other,
>>>> cases with other people too and there are other people that pissing me
>>>> off. But: I don't have a killfile.
>>> I do have a killfile. If people start offending me, or being generally
>>> obnoxious, I am obviously not going to change them, nor do I care 
>>> enough
>>> to actually waste my time doing that. My time is precious enough to me
>>> as it is.
>>> So the obvious solution is to just ignore them from that point on. They
>>> can go on ranting about how unfair people are to them, and I do not 
>>> have
>>> to read it.
>>>     Johnny
>>> -- 
>> "When people start offending me.." ... read was I wrote and read again
>> what you wrote.
>> "I am obviously not going to change them" .. but this is exactly what 
>> you
>> trying to do here.
>> Sorry for being "obnoxious":
>> My Answer to your answer in this thread was "Yes", accepting what our
>> wrote to me, now the thing was done for me.  I knew why I only wrote 
>> that.
>> So from my point of view you don't wanted the discussion to be 
>> completed,
>> so that seems to be your hobby. You are looking a little bit like an
>> choleric from here, may be I'm the only one that feels like this.
>> Besides of that I know that you are an clever fellow and you trying to
>> help if you can. So if that aren't your shoes, why the heck your trying
>> to wear them?
>> About the killfile:
>> I think I'm a "strong enough personality" so I don't think the computer
>> should decide for me if I should read something or not. On the other 
>> side
>> I'm trying to help people if I can, even if the pissed on my shoes in 
>> the
>> past and sometimes enemies are turning into friends over time. No, don't
>> need no killfile on my side. Don't get me wrong, that's no technical
>> problem this time, we all get tons of spam mails and most of us have
>> mechanisms to prevent spam from appearing in the inbox. I'm a small 
>> hosting
>> company of my own and the usual mechanisms for that are installed an 
>> working,
>> no problem to add folks there but I prefer deciding myself.
>> Back to the topic:
>> I think it where much more helpful to answer things like "Sorry don't 
>> know,
>> never had todo with that", vs.  simply saying nothing at all, leaving
>> the man that looks for help alone. Maybe that's only my point of view,
>> maybe not.
>> about my intention: When I ask for help or opinions, I need that help
>> or opinion, since I can't find a way tho clear the problem on my own.
>> So Dave Wade isn't totally wrong with that what he thinks about my post.
>> Maybe not "a cry of desperation" maybe more " there anyone
>> out there..?"
>> ..
>> Now, after that many text about "Role of Meaning" is it just me that
>> thinks that the time where better to be used for clearing technical
>> problems?
>> Regards,
>> Holm

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