'New' PDP-11 prints

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Mon Sep 7 07:53:07 CDT 2015

    > There are a number of things like that (e.g. the H786 power supply for
    > the BA11-N; [print sets] not available separately [online], but in the
    > 11/23 FMPS [online], if you know to look there): we ought to produce
    > some sort of registry, to collect such information in one place.

So I have started such a registry.


The concept is that eventually search engines will index that page, so people
looking for, say, '"BA11-N" prints' will wind up there, and that page will
tell them where to go.

I went through a number of PDP-11 print sets which are online (11/05S, 11/23,
11/34, etc) to compile the initial list, but it's just a start. I will add
others as I come across them; and if any knows of, or finds, any others (i.e.
print sets which _are_ online, but do not show up when looked for in common
search engines such as Google), please let me know, and I will add them.

    > I also found prints for the MF11-U, MF11-W, and MM11-Y; none of which
    > appear to be on-line (although the MF11-U ones might be in the 11/05S print
    > set, which ISTR is online).

On looking at the 11/05S print set online, I think it has most of the MM11-Y
prints, but some pages are apparently missing (it claims), so I think not
everything is there.

    > I don't think the ME11-L prints are online either, but those I have in
    > my 11/05 print set - I'll have to see if that print set is online
    > somewhere, no point re-scanning them, if so.

So it turns out that these don't seem to be online (in any form), but I have
a set of hardcopy in my set "PDP-11/05 Engineering Drawings" (which is
different from the 05S set which _is_ online), so I will scan them in and
make them available at some point (especially since these seem to be the most
common PDP-11 core memory boards).

If anyone is desperately searching for them, please let me know, and I will
accelerate that process.

The situation with the ME11-L/MF11-L/MM11-L (which are all the same boards)
is slightly complicated. The board set is called an MM11-L (or -LP,
depending); G110+G231+H214 for non-parity, G109+G231+H215+M7529 for parity.
The MF11-L seems to be a backplane, plus an MM11-L board set; the ME11-L
seems to be an MF11-L in a box.

Some CPU backplanes (e.g. the older 11/05's) can also take an MM11-L board
set. (The _newer_ 11/05's have backplanes which take an MM11-Y - whether an
MM11-L would work in them, I have no idea.)


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