ISO: Manual for Emulex CS21/H

Pete Turnbull pete at
Tue Sep 8 16:55:45 CDT 2015

On 08/09/2015 22:17, Josh Dersch wrote:
> Anyone out there have a manual for the Emulex CS21/H (or possibly the
> /U variant)?  This is a UNIBUS DH11 clone.  (There are also /FA, /FB,
> /FC, and /FD variants which are DMF32 clones - and we have the manual
> for these but it's of no use for our CS21/H boards :)).
> At the very least, if anyone has the dip switch settings for this,
> that would be an immense help.

Not for a CS21/H, but I have the CS11/H tech manual.  I know they're 
contemporary, but presumably different; I have no idea how different. 
The CS11 has four DIP switches:

SW1-1,5,6 set various options
   (expanded silo, interleaving of DM11/DH11 vectors, force 2 stop bits)
SW1-2 is "not used and MUST BE OFF"
SW1-3,4 are used to set DM11/DH11 vectors with SW2
SW2-1...4 set vector address (DM11)
SW2-5...8 set vector address (DH11)
SW3-1 is RUN/HALT-RESET (open/closed)
SW3-2,3 set the number of CP11 panels in use
   (= number of DH11 emulations)
SW3-4 is the override for part of the selftest
SW4-1...4 set start address
SW4-5,6 are "not used and MUST BE OFF"

I don't know how much, if any, help that is.


Pete Turnbull

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