Control Data (?) circuit boards

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> Speaking of Control Data:
> I have some boards out of (AFAIR) a Control Data 
> Display Controller (OSG 1253/1255), each 
> populated with ~30 10pin TO-5 ICs; they're 
> Fairchild with (house?) numbers such as 115, 
> 116, 117, 118 and what I assume to be date codes 
> (all 3 digits, 7xx), e.g. F 115 728.
> Any reason why I shouldn't scrap these (after 
> cutting off the gold fingers of course ;-) ?

I don't recognize 115 etc. as IC part numbers, but 
728 or similar 7xx numbers sounds familiar for the 
old RTL ICs that Fairchild produced in TO-5 cans.

I don't suppose there's a whole lot of demand for 
that family, but then again I also suppose there 
aren't a lot available.


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Yeah, RTL would be my guess considering the 
package and the time frame (67/68), but AFAIK 
Fairchild and Motorola used 700 and 900 (later 
9000) numbers and these have 10 pins instead of 
the usual 8 pins (although power is similarly 
connected diagonally, i.e pins 5 and 10). Also odd 
that the numbers are consecutive.

Anyway, just thought I'd mention them in case 
someone has one of these displays or can use the 


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