DEC 8235 IC? (repost)

Simon Claessen simski at
Thu Sep 10 10:56:16 CDT 2015

To answer my own question, DEC 82xx type IC's are actually Signetics 
N82xx IC's.

On 07-09-15 11:10, simon wrote:
> As something went wrong in posting this question, I try to repost it
> here. please don't be offended by this.
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> Hi all.
> is there a list of equivalents for DEC ic's?
> I've made a mistake in attaching our BA-8 to the PDP8/f and plugged in
> the ribbon cable connecting connector C and D the wrong way. some magic
> smoke came loose and there are a few chips broken .
> by comparing the signals on those connectors, I made a list of suspect
> chips on which some pins got-15v or +15v...
> The M8330 board got most of the blast, resulting in 4 burned chips, but
> other boards could well be affected.
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