internet blocking problem ?

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On 10 September 2015 at 22:07, Alexis Kotlowy
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> iiNet have been outspoken about users' rights and privacy in the face of
> the War on Piracy. While they don't condone piracy, they have serious
> concerns about the way it's being dealt with (or at least that's my
> understanding).
> I get the impression some ISP's are blocking access to iiNet. I don't
> see how this could do anything other than hurt the end users, but that
> seems to be the tactic the content owners have taken in the past so I
> wouldn't be surprised.
It'll only get worse if the TPP goes through…

> Can you do a traceroute to In case DNS is blocked,
> the IP address is I've been on iiNet since they bought out
> my previous ISP.
Doing a traceroute from my home, which is serviced by TekSavvy (in
Canada); my connection to dies at a router owned
by Hurricane Electric, Inc. of California. Since it seems to bounce
through a few of their routers, I'm assuming that whoever Hurricane
Electric hands off the packets to kills it. (Based on my traceroute;
other results may vary.)

>From a friend of mine on RoadRunner (I won't say where, but in the USA
of course); their trace dies as it leaves the Cogent Communications
network (since it bounces through a few of their servers before

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