internet blocking problem ?

Jon Elson elson at
Thu Sep 10 22:27:03 CDT 2015

On 09/10/2015 09:54 PM, ben wrote:
> Well it does not work in CANADA as of today.
WOW, this is new info!
> It was working about a month ago, as I am designing a 8 
> bit cpu
> on the DE1 FPGA PCB, and I was looking for ideas.
> Can one get all the web pages mirrored, I hate this loss 
> information
> with the net.
> Ben.
> PS. Your site is fine, The Down Under sites are well DOWN 
> and under.
My page works now because I have removed the links to the 
iinet files and gotten a local copy of the .js file.
> Thinking about it the PDP 11 was strange beast, as having 
> both character
> and floating point data, even with split I&D you had way 
> too small of memory.A simple 32 bit machine could have 
> been a better option. Mind you the 11 was designed before 
> 4K dram hit the market.
> I have a nice 32 bit design but I want to get this 8 bit 
> cpu working first. Any one knows what modern C compiler 
> will compile Tiny C version 1.0? Man with a CPU and no 
> software.
I actually LIKED the PDP-11 architecture quite a LOT, but 
the limited memory was a big killer.  The 11 was designed 
when CORE was still king!  We had several PDP-11's with core 
in them at first.

I played around with Tiny C a bit, a LONG time ago.  I guess 
I ran it on a MicroSoft C compiler.


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