internet blocking problem ?

Gary Oliver go at
Thu Sep 10 23:11:05 CDT 2015

Same behaviour from in Oregon (a cablemodem connection) as 
well as from (local isp.)  Also have tried using one of 
my AWS (amazon) virtuals and get the similar results. traceroute stops at: (

my amazon instance stops at: ( stops at: (

FWIW I noticed this started several weeks ago - been trying to get to 
look at current crop of home builts and could not find a way to the web 
ring. is reachable but not

The amazon instance is in the US West region (north-central Oregon I 

Tomorrow I'll fire up a proxy on the east coast and see what happens.


On 09/10/2015 08:49 PM, Brian L. Stuart wrote:
> On Thu, 9/10/15, Christian Gauger-Cosgrove <captainkirk359am at> wrote:
>>  From a friend of mine on RoadRunner (I won't say where, but in the USA
>> of course); their trace dies as it leaves the Cogent Communications
>> network (since it bounces through a few of their servers before dying).
> I'm seeing the same behavior from Verizon-provided service.

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