information about the Bendix G-15 and Rice Research Computer?

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Fri Sep 11 13:24:47 CDT 2015

There was a 'slice' of the R1 floating about with some friends of mine in Houston.  It was about the size and shape of the 2001 monolith.  From what I was told, it represented one register, probably a byte, and constructed of about 100 vacuum tubes.  It served as a conversation piece and a coffee table (beer table) at a CAD rep firm, later sat for a few years in a friends garage next to Billy Gibbons twin red Thunderbirds (he was a collector of toys like this).

This particular piece of the R1 now sits in the Rice Library in the Woodson Research Center.  I encourage anyone while in Houston to go have a look, the construction is a work of art, and beautiful.


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> Subject: information about the Bendix G-15 and Rice Research Computer?
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> So I have finally been prodded by some people to put together a web
> page for the G-15 computer.  As well, I am going to put up information
> about the Rice Research Computer (later known as the R1), and its
> intended succesor, the R2.
> Right now my web pages are pretty skeletal and mostly consist of
> some old G-15 documentation scans I did in early 2000.  Apparently
> I have some things that are not on Bitsavers (yet).  I have at least
> one more document that I need to scan, the Technical Manual.
> I do have some R1 documentation which I intend to scan and then send
> to either CHM or Rice University Fondren Library.
> To some of you that I have already contacted off-list, this will be
> duplicate information.  Sorry about that.  To the others, please let me
> know if you have any information about these computers that you would
> be willing to share publicly.
> Also, beta-testers of the website would be appreciated; email me off-
> list for the URLs.  I mean, it it _really_ skeletal (e.g. 2 days old.)
> mcl

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