Somewhat OT: Freighting Items

Ali cctalk at
Fri Sep 11 18:07:47 CDT 2015

> I hope it all works out OK and let us know how it goes!
> Todd

Well a quick update to this story. For a while it did not look like this was
going to happen because the seller just did not want to pack. As a result we
were getting quotes of $700-$800 proportions. The lowest was $595 if the
seller dropped it off at the shipping center (they would pack and deliver)
which the seller did not want to do.

At this point it was going to be extremely cost ineffective and I was ready
to call the whole thing off when the seller came around and decided to pack
the item on a pallet (which he got for free from HD). That brought cost of
pickup and delivery down to $368.

Item is to ship out Monday and here in California by Friday. Will report
back then on the success of the endeavor. Thanks again to everyone for all
the help!


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