Control Data 160

wmachacek wmachacek at
Fri Sep 11 16:01:40 CDT 2015

I have a CDC "160 Computer Programming Manual" that I obtained many years
ago when I was working with CDC equipment.  This manual caught my eye and I
squirreled it away since we were using the 160-A computers not the 160s.
This manual has a publication number of 023a and a date of 1960.  The
picture shown inside the manual is pretty much like the one described
herein.  It shows the dropped side panels.  The manual shows the Ferranti
paper tape reader and the BRPE paper tape punch as standard equipment.  As
optional equipment it shows Ampex magnetic tape handlers (FR300 or FR400),
an 80 column punched card reader (no maker listed), an 80 column card punch
(no maker listed), a line printer (no maker listed), a Soroban-modified IBM
electric typewriter, and a digital communications line buffer.  This manual
has 45 pages and shows a full view of the computer and a close-up of the
front panel.  I always kept this as a kind of a CDC oddity as I had heard
that the 160s were a proto type and never actually went into production.  At
least that is what I heard back then.  I hope this information kind of helps
to better identify these computers.   Bill


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