internet blocking problem ?

hollandia at hollandia at
Fri Sep 11 21:40:37 CDT 2015

Per your request, I tried the URL:

I did the search you requested, and tried the following URLs:

In every case shown above, the result was the same:
    The server at is taking too long to respond.

Only two of the sites I tried gave a different result. They were:
    It gave me a blank page.

    It gave the following error message:

"XML Parsing Error: unexpected parser state Location:

Line Number 335,

Column 68: <div id="ed_connectionFailure">&connectionFailure.longDesc;</div>"

My particulars are:

7:59 PM 9/10/2015
Gateway computer, connected by modem.
Windows XP Professional v5.1
Firefox 35.0.1
Computer Country ( Medford, Oregon USA
IP address:

You're welcome!

> So, I wonder if I can ask classiccmp members, especially in
> the US, to check if they can view this page:
> If you want to do some more research, just Google
> and you will see a lot of hits of the form:
> Thanks for any help or info you can offer!
> Jon

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