information about the Bendix G-15 and Rice Research Computer?

Mark Linimon linimon at
Fri Sep 11 22:56:39 CDT 2015

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 09:38:00PM -0500, Jon Elson wrote:
> Supposedly one in Australia is at least close to operational.

The references to it are on one of the sites.
Currently only reachable through the Wayback Machine (see one of
my other posts):

It references the Australian Computer Museum Society ( )
but that site no longer contains any G-15 information that I can see.

> I think the relays in the typewriter control had dirty contacts

A problem from day one :-)

> This is one of the major problems with the G-15, there was VERY poor
> protection of the drum from dust.

Oh wow.  That's too bad.


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