punchcard svg file available

GerardCJAT gerardcjat at free.fr
Sun Sep 13 03:37:53 CDT 2015

@ simski, who wrote :


> Hmm. russian carsds. sounds interesting. I'm certainly interested in 
> their looks. could you post a scan of one of them?

 Well, they very much look ( and feel ) like original IBM ones, with :

- Right angles : NO rounded corners

- Characters printed : standard  0 to 9 row numbers  with 1 to 80 column numbers over "0" ligne and "9" ligne

- only two cyrilic "labels" (??) printed sideway at the leading and trailing edge of the card.

Color is what ** I ** call light brown, but there is certainly a more accurate word for it, something like "bistre" ??

All the prints are printed quite "light"  and I am not sure it will go through scan correctly (!!) .

I will try next week  ( scanner un-connected right now ;-)  )

If interested ( as collector's item  ?? ) , I may send a couple. PM me.

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