M8192 KDJ11-A ZKDJB2 XXDP Test Failure

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Mon Sep 14 13:10:22 CDT 2015

Holm Tiffe wrote:

> Jay Jaeger wrote:
> > I have fiche for ZKDJB0, and fortunately it seems to match at this
> > particular error and address.
> > 
> > "This test looks for BEVENT to Interrupt when BIT 6 in the BEVENT
> > Control register is set and interrupt priority level is set to 5".
> > 
> > The particular error that you identify occurs as the result of an EMT
> > trap anywhere during the test.  However, the most likely error would be
> > that the BEVENT interrupt did not occur.  It would seem that the most
> > likely cause is that you have not configured the LTC clock interrupt -
> > but I am on my way out the door so I don't have time to look at the
> > KDJ11 manual to confirm this.
> Ok, that could be possible. So far as I know there is a jumper on the Front
> Panel PCB where one ca disable the LTC signal. I had an KDF-11 previously
> in this crate and I think to remember that LTC maked some trouble in some
> circumstances. I'll chack that...
> > 
> > You can bypass this test by setting bit 10 of the XXDP switch register
> > to 1.  This is something you don in XXDP *before* you start the test
> > program (before you enter the "R" command).
> > 
> > JRJ
> Hmm.. most programs display something like "SW=000000 New Value=?", the
> ZKDJB2.BIC does not, but it is described this way in the manual..
> Thanks anyway, I'll check this..
> Regards,
> Holm

Ok, the test is running fine now ..
I had to enable BEVENT with Switch 1 on the BA23 front panel (was disabled)
but still the same error. Next I removed W9 from the M8192 Module and it
works now. :-|

Please, can someone from the natural english speakers here explain
how this sentence is meant:

This diagnostic tests the KDJ11 basic instruction set including EIS,
TRAPS and the alternate register set. Ensure that halt trap option is
disabled (jumper W9 installed)."

For me (as a german) that means that the jumper W9 has to be installed
to run the test, but it seems that it must be removed (as it originally


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